5 Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling

When you travel, you want to relax and enjoy yourself. You want to experience the places and cities that you travel to in every possible way: the sights, the sounds, the culture…the food and drink. But just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should forget about healthy eating. Here are a few tips for how to seek out healthy food and drink options while you’re exploring new places.

1) Indulge Responsibly

It’s natural to want to try every last delicious item we see in a food stall, on display at a pastry shop or in a menu while visiting a new city, region or country, and while experiencing the culture and taking a break from the norm are likely major reasons why you took your trip in the first place, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon healthy eating habits altogether. Try new things, but be mindful of your portions just as you would be back home. You’ll likely feel better and enjoy your time more if you aren’t overstuffed, too.

2) Visit the Grocery Store

Yup, you read that right. While the food store might be the last place you thought you’d be visiting on your trip, you can get a good idea of what the locals where you are visiting eat on a regular basis. This is often a good way to try local produce or even baked goods and other specialties. Enjoy the flavor without the added flare for more practical, healthier food and drink options.

3) Enjoy a Scenic Meal

No, this doesn’t mean grab a table on the water or overlooking a volcano- although those are good options, too! If you’re looking to maintain your healthy lifestyle while trying to get the most out of your vacation, take a meal for a walk. Stroll through a city or along a beach, path, or other scenic area while sampling snacks or street food. Getting exercise while on vacation is a good way to allow yourself to indulge while still thinking about your health.

4) Be Realistic

Look, you’re not not going to want to try something just because it’s a little more indulgent than what you normally eat. If you’re in Paris, are you supposed to say no to a crepe? No, you’re not. But that doesn’t mean that you should eat all crepes and nothing but the crepes either. Be realistic about your travel treats.

5) Don’tForget to Stay Hydrated

Making good food and drink choices while on vacation is key to staying healthy while you travel. This means making the choice to drink lots of water while on the go, too. Especially if you are eating new things that you haven’t tried before, staying hydrated will help with digestion, and keep you feeling good for the whole trip.

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