According to researches, EmDrive is the device which can produce thrust by bouncing microwaves inside a closed chamber and does not need any fuel. Microwaves are the electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies. NASA has been testing the working of Em Drive since past few years, and itContinue Reading

The world we live in is beautiful. We are blessed to have a fantastic nature around us, and the human-made infrastructure made the world even more mesmerizing. Travelling can be one of the most effective remedies for a worn-out hard worker, whether it’s an exhausting job or a getaway forContinue Reading

Who does not love traveling? Every person around the world love traveling to different places and explore them, but the journey of traveling can be a bit tiring sometimes. We often feel tired and bored while driving especially if the flight is long but what is the best way toContinue Reading

Solo Travel If you love traveling, but you can’t decide who you want to visit, just go alone! Solo travel is one of the best experience people can ever have. You can literally go anywhere and whenever you want and should not be worrying about the other person. You canContinue Reading