Five Things You Should Never Do After Eating

When we are done with our meal most of the times we want to lay down in such a comfort where we might feel ourselves as a sleepy person. Even on Saturday or Sunday we always try to head back towards the bed after having our meals. On the other hand if one of our friends who like to smoke may prefer to go out and like to puff right after the lunch or dinner. Some of our family members do like to have their cup of tea right after a dinner and would prefer to stay in the blanket for rest of the night. There are so many things that can harm your health but the following habits right after you eat may cause a lot bad to your health than you ever thought.

Sleeping immediately after you have a meal:

One should always stick to his/her sleeping patterns. If you a busy routine throughout the day then the best way to go with your sleep is to have your dinner around 9 pm and go to bed at least after 2 to 3 hours. Many of the studies are also suggesting that you should have to wait for the food to digest it completely into your stomach before you actually go for a sleep. Otherwise this can cause an increase in a quality of being unwilling to work even you are up after a good sleep. Also there could be a problem in your stomach not to digest food properly.

Smoking immediately after you have a meal:

As we all know smoking kills but right after your meal it is even more dangerous. Many people are agreed to the fact that if you are smoking right after your meal this could be an equaling to have 10 cigarettes. We are not really sure how true that saying is is but one should never smoke right after his/her meal because this could be a most dangerous habit that you could adapt. If you are addicted even then you should wait for couple of hours to have some smoke.

Don’t take a Bath right after your Meal:

This is a very simple formula not to take a bath right after your meal. The reason is that it can cause very long delays in digesting your food and you will probably feel yourself full and lazy at times. If you are in a habit of taking your bath when your stomach is full of food then you won’t be able to digest that food quickly. Because when you are taking a shower the flow of blood around the stomach may circulate towards the other parts of your body and it will be less helpful digesting your food and you are feeling yourself full all the times.


There is a huge misconception in our society that most of the times people are taking tea right after their meals. They think that this could help to digest the food in their stomach but this can be the worst thing you could ever have as a habit.  The very reason is that the tea leaves can harden the proteins that you are taking in terms of your daily food and this can be a difficult process to digest the food. You can certainly take a tea but you should probably wait for an hour or two to have it after your meal.

Use of Fruits:

Fruits are helpful in order to speed up the food digesting system in your stomach but there are different natures of fruits that can help digesting differently. The best way to go for a proper digesting of your meal is to eat fruits before you actually have your meal. It is suggested to eat fruits even an hour or two before you have your lunch or dinner otherwise it could be a difficult job for your stomach again to digest the fruits as well as the meal at the same time.   

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