Lions of Africa protesting against Disney

Lions of Africa protesting against Disney

With the use of Swahili phrase “Hukana Matata” (meaning no problem and worries – a slogan that inculcates hope and happiness) in the movie “Lion King” the controversy of copyrights began with the Disney.

“Lions of Africa protest against Disney” metaphorically depicts that indigenous people of Africa are unhappy with this cultural appropriation and protesting against this abominable act, claiming it to be a “theft by Disney.”
Some possible factors in this seemingly coercive act of Disney can be studied in power relations of hegemony and colonization:

1. The colonized past of Africa

Critics claim that the colonized part of Africa has been ignored by Disney blatantly and now these old colonial hegemonies bringing back those days by taking away the traditional slogans of Africa which is unfair.

It is true that “lions of Africa are protesting against Disney” and they’re angry because being colonized has been stigmatized this way.

2. Protests flooded on the internet

Not only Africans but many protestants in the world held Disney answerable for this act.

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3. Disney’s response towards the controversy

Disney is very calm at the matter and remained determined in its statement that “Hakuna Matata” is under their copyrights and they will soon reveal the traditional history of the phrase. The dominance of global policeman?

4. Boycott Disney?

Critics have raged over this allegedly unlawful stance of Disney and proposed to boycott this corporate for it committed a crime against the traditional and linguistic belonging of Africa.

5. Colonization of language

It is generally believed that by using “Hakuna Matata,” Disney has given the wrong impression due to cultural appropriation is a common theme these days.

Language is not only a nation’s identity but a precious asset of its traditions and preserve of culture.

This illegal robbery of a language phrase is highly disdained by Africans and many people in other regions of the world.

For a well reputed corporate sector like Disney, the “theft” is assumed to be very indecent and unprofessional.

Disney has delivered many blockbuster movies for decades now. To keep its integrity intact, the controversy of “theft” needs to be probed thoroughly.

Lions of Africa are protesting against Disney, and this “roar” is growing louder and higher.!

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