Reasons of Bad Breath or Halitosis

When there is an unpleasant smell coming from some one’s mouth it is known as Halitosis problem or a Bad Breath. This is basically a chronic condition that can happen due to a specific type of coating on the tongue and sometime a dry mouth can cause this problem. After a detailed discussion with health specialist and Professional Dentists here come up with the reasons which can cause a Bad Breath or Halitosis.

This could be very common at times and there are many reasons of halitosis even the healthiest people can have this problem at different occasions. Here are some of the most common health factors of a Bad Breath.


When we talk about the food, it could be the most common and primary reason of unpleasant smell that comes from mouth. There are some specific types of food which can leave a lingering smell in a human mouth just like onion, garlic, spicy fish and cheeses etc. This kind of food can get attached to the teeth and then can actually help bacteria to grow and a Bad Breath prevails.

Tobacco Products

Using different tobacco products like chewing a tobacco, even smoking again and again can bring different types of chemicals in a human mouth and you will be ended up in a really Bad Breath even for a longer period of time.

Poor Oral Health

Oral health is also really important and one should take a huge care of hi/her teeth by brushing them regularly on daily basis. If you do not brush your teeth daily there will be food particles remaining in mouth which can rot and there will be halitosis problem.

You also need to make sure you are not suffering from a poor dental health issues. You should get in touch with your dental specialists right away if you think you have some dental problems.

There could be some other health issues which can cause a Bad Breath such as sore throat, pneumonia, stones in tonsils and diabetes. Sometimes kidney and stomach problems can cause a Bad Breath to a great deal.

Dry Mouth

As we discussed earlier a dry mouth can be one of the main reason of a Bad Breath. When it comes to the cleaning of mouth Saliva can play an important role because it can automatically cleans the mouth. But when there is a problem in a body and it does not generate enough amount of Saliva then due to this there could be a Bad Breath in result. This is also observed that a morning breath has more of halitosis because of the saliva production almost stops when we are sleeping. This can help bacteria to grow even faster and when we get up in the morning we feel that bad breath.


If you have an allergy problem and you are using some kind of medications for that this can also make your mouth dry at most of the times and you may feel a bad breath at that time but again this type of breath won’t stay so long.

Mouth Infections

Sometimes different types of mouth infections just like cavities and gum diseases and most of the times infected teeth can be the major reason of halitosis.

Bad Breath in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant it is not necessarily important that you will feel a bad breath al the time. This is just because of those early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness which is very common in pregnancy. On top if that if you are in a mood of eating different things at night due to food cravings and you are still feeling dehydration this may also be the reason of bad breath in the very next morning. 

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