Selfie in the space is so fun

Selfie in the space is so fun – Wiki Travel Info

How interesting it seems if suppose you are wearing a spacesuit, gliding freely in space and screaming joyfully: “Selfie please.” If ever you get a chance to do so, then Congratulations! You’d be the new trendsetter of capturing a selfie in the space. Floating and fluttering unhindered with a camera there would be an overwhelming experience. Let’s imagine “selfie in space is so fun”  in some unusual ways:

1. Camera in the no-gravity environment:

To experience this idea, you have to arrange a space mission with the tag “selfies in space is so fun” on your space station. Once you escape the bonds of gravity, the view, and the science changes completely. It introduces to you a new world of heavenly bodies and dimensionless space. You cannot say to your friend: “please be on my left” for there is no left-right, up-down, East-west-north-south, or determination of XYZ axes in space.

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2. Selfie while spacewalk:

You’re out of your space shuttle for a spacewalk and a “fresh breath in the air” –oh.. air?? Realizing that space has no atmosphere, it will be an exciting thing to capture a selfie when roaming aimlessly and kill the boredom. You have no sensation in the head whether you’re rolling back-forth or swinging and turning upside down. The background will be your space station and a cluster of numerous stars, meteors, and galaxies. Pretty amazing.! isn’t it? (refraining from taking selfies with the black holes will be a wise idea).

3. Say hello to Earth

No one can ever take a selfie with earth (as a whole), on the planet. Earth is a beautiful place. It is a very “out-of-the-world” experience to be in space, gazing around semi disc-shaped called earth and then make memorable selfies with the caption: “Hello Earth”!

4. Kudos to the new research – Selfie in space is so fun:

When returning to earth, don’t forget to share your experience of taking a selfie in the space. It can open new avenues of research for the scientists and maybe bring new apps in technology with the names “space selfie apps.” Experts may ponder to introduce new features in their apps and other ordinary camera settings to grab a quality Selfie for the space visitors.

Someday maybe, it comes true.

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