Simple and Natural Home remedies for Black and Whiteheads

Here are some simple and natural home remedies to remove all types of blackheads as well as whiteheads from your nose and face. After conducting a small survey regarding how someone can get rid of these ruthless acne problems we have come across lot of questions asked from people about blackheads and whiteheads. This is one of the most annoying problems when your face pores become clogged with some excessive oil which is created by sebaceous glands and due to this your skin will always remain supple and look like dead skin cells. Let’s be very honest and clear about the fact that obsessive scrubbing of your face is not the only way to remove blackheads, this may end up drying your skin and this situation is even worst because this can cause more oily skin in a result. So lot of skin and health professionals have a firm believe on the following simple and natural home remedies for black and whiteheads removal.

Use of Lemon + Honey + Sugar

All you need to do is to cut a lemon into two pieces and use half of the lemon in order to pour a sufficient amount of honey that will cover the minimize floor of that half piece of a lemon. Then put couple of sugar pinches on that half piece of lemon and then gently move the lemon on your nose and face in some round movement and repeat it for at least a minute or two. I know it will be tough to resist but you need to use this natural home remedy not more than twice in a week.

Use of Cinnamon and oat flour

Using cinnamon and oat flour can be one of the best home remedy to remove black as well whiteheads from your nose and face. In order to get the best use of this recipe all you need to do is to use one teaspoon of oat flour with an identical quantity of cinnamon powder. Then you need to stir properly after adding some hot water into it. It will be a combination of mixture and have a very thick in form. You need to scrub this mixture on your face and nose and will move it in a round movement. Continue doing it for at least couple of minutes in order to get the best result. Once done wash your face with cold water and use a soft and fluffy towel to dry your skin.

Egg White Mask

If you really want to tighten your pores you can use egg whites which can form an easy mask that will certainly reduce more chances of further blackheads in the near future and you can get a glowing skin as well. There are a lot of nutrients available for your skin in egg whites which is also a plus point for better skin. All you need is one egg, one facial tissue, a soft and clean towel and a bowl for water. First of all rinse your face and let it dry for some seconds, in the meanwhile separate yolk from the white of an egg. You need to apply this thin egg white on your skin and place a facial tissue over the egg white which is still wet and start pressing it on to your face gently. Once the first layer of egg white will become a little drier then you need to apply another layer of egg white on top of the facial tissue and let it to be dry again. After some time when the mask is dry your face may feel like so tight. You can peel that tissue off now in order to wash your face with fresh clean water and pat it to dry with a clean towel.


When it comes to steaming out your skin it is not necessarily important that it will surely open your pores but it can definitely help you reduce the appearance of them through softening up the dead skin cells which may fill up your skin pores and you will have to face these annoying blackheads. This natural home remedy is one of the best and affordable techniques to get rid of these blackheads. You will need to arrange the followings to start with this home remedy:

Soft and fluffy towel

One large bowl


You need to fill that bowl up with boiling water then cover your head with clean towel and lean over it for at least 5 to 7 minutes. This will certainly allow the steam to loosen excessive oil and dust that clogged your pores. Make sure your skin is not burn during this steaming process. Once done rinse your face with warm water and use that soft and fluffy towel in order to dry your skin. You can repeat this process for couple of times during the week.

Use of Baking Soda

This has been observed that a little amount of a baking soda can really help removing all blackheads but it’s totally up to us to use it accordingly because the over doing of this may cause other skin problems. In this natural and home remedy all you need is fresh water and an enough amount of baking soda in order to make a paste of this. You need to use it on your face and start massaging it in a circular motion. Then rinse your skin, pat it with clean towel and make sure you are not rubbing it hard. A gentle pat may work in order to moisturize your skin.   

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