Simple Remedies & Tips for Low Back Pain Relief

It has been observed that when you are suffering from a Low Back Pain it is always really hard to shake. There could be number of reasons for that may be you bent the wrong way in order to pick something at home or while working hard at gym when you put some extra load on your muscles. There are also evidences available in some of the American research studies that almost one out of four American is suffering low back pain in the recent past. And we can also say that it can happen to anyone at least once during the course of life. This is up to you if you feel this is something serious and you can hardly move then the best way is to book an appointment with your physiotherapist as soon as possible. But on the other hand if you feel like it is just routine or mild low back pain then you can certainly try our simple and effective tips at home in order to manage that low back pain.

Start with an Ice

Whenever you have got yourself injured and there is a huge stiffness in the lower part of your back. The first thing you should consider it at home will be chill it. In the first 24 to 48 hours it will be good for reducing inflammation at that very point of time even the warmth can feel good because it will cover up the pain by relaxing the muscles. It’s up to you how you feel good about it and you need to repeat the process after 20 to 25 minutes by giving your skin some kind of rest. If there is still some pain left and you don’t find any relief, visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Keep Moving

It is always good for our spines available in our body to keep moving even if there is a routine or mild low back. You should keep your daily routine up and go for a morning walk, keep yourself busy in daily work routine and take a complete rest at night. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to go to your bed a bit early. Once you start feeling good you can get back to a light jogging and you will feel better.


There is no need at all to sit slumped in your office chair all day. Even if you are at work you need to make sure you keep getting up after 20 to 30 minutes in order to stretch yourself one way or the other way around. This has been observed that most of us while at work spend most of our time bending forward in our desk chairs. Especially when you are suffering from low back pain you need to stand up after regular intervals and keep stretching yourself whole day.

Body Posture

You need to make sure you are always in a good shape and position even if you are going to pick up a cup of coffee on the breakfast table. You need not to bend over right from your waist even if you are taking a shower. On other hand slumping will never support your weight at all. So you need to be careful about the posture of your body whole day and keep yourself moving as well.

Avoid High Heels

When you are in trouble and there is stiffness in the lower part of your back you need make sure you are not interested in your 3 inches pumps anymore.  Get back to your flats or low heels right away. This is again the case of your body posture if you are wearing high heels you will always found yourself a bit uncomfortable and this will also bring more pressure on the lower part of your spine which is the ultimate problematic part of your body.

Monitor your weight

This is one of the important tips to get rid of routine or mild low back pain. You should always have a keen interest in your diet and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight according to your height. The very reason of doing so is that if you are gaining weight it will always put some extra pressure and stress on your spine.

Consider Counter Pain Reliever

There are some anti-inflammatory medicines available in the market just for example aspirin could be on the top of the list. Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium can also help reliving the low back pain at times. But again we always suggest consulting it with your doctor or pharmacist first before you start taking any medication. Especially those who are suffering from different medical conditions like ulcers, kidney and liver patients should never consider these types of medicines.

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