Things to avoid while you are washing your Face

When we talk about face washing there are so many skin specialists agreed that one should avoid following wrong doings in order to get better results of a face wash. Face washing is something which is very common in our daily routine and most of people took it as a least complicated thing when it comes to their beauty routine. But one should keep this in mind when it is not done properly there could be skin problems like dryness, itching and irritation, skin breakouts as well as your skin become oily at times. That’s why here we come again with some absolutely fantastic face washing tips in order to avoid these problems.

Choosing an inappropriate Cleanser

The actual job of a good cleanser is to completely remove dirt, remove makeup at the end of the day and all those dirty mark stains on your skin that you never like them. You need to make sure that using a right natural products for your skin that can maintain the level of natural oil of your skin. Then use that product suits your skin at least twice a day.

Excessive Use

Once you realize a product that suits your skin and you feel really comfortable using it, then you should avoid using the product again and again that will result in reddishness in your skin you will feel irritation due the dryness. Sometimes it is good to give some break to your skin from using these products again and again.

Avoid Hot Water

Another important myth about face washing and getting better results out of it is to avoid hot water after using a perfect cleanser. The very reason of doing so is that the hot water always opens the skin pores and on the other hand when your use cold water it will help closes them to a great deal. At times we will feel good using hot water but this will leads you towards the extra dryness on your skin. The best way is to use lukewarm water in order to wash your skin gently and you will realize it is more effective and will bring better results.


As we all know that exfoliating is always good practice for our skin but again an excessive use can cause extra dryness and will result in skin burning.  So it has been suggested that use exfoliating at least after a day or two because it will help your dead skin to start glowing again slowly. Remember you need to use your fingers instead of washcloths while exfoliating just to avoid skin pulling problems.

Towel Rubbing

This is one of the most important myths because we usually made this mistake again and again. When you start rubbing a towel on your face after using a cleanser it might be possible you will feel really good at that point of time but it can cause tugging your skin a big time. So better just pat rather than rubbing a towel on your skin. Another important thing to make sure do not use a towel used by anyone of your friends or someone because this way bacteria may easily spread which is not really good for a fresh skin. You need to make sure there is always a proper towel that you will pat your skin after a face wash.


There is no need to wait so long to moisturize your skin in order to use some natural moisturizers because if you will wait and then apply these products will make it harder for active ingredients to sink into your skin. This will feel like your skin is too much greasy and you won’t be able to feel confident about it at all.

Irritating Ingredients

The biggest favor that you can give to your face could be not to use Irritating Ingredients right after your daily face wash. You need to completely stay away from different types of fragrances, colorants, and synthetic preservatives such as parabens which doesn’t suits your skin used in cosmetic products. Make it your habit to read ingredient’s label on different product before you start apply them on your skin.

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