Top 7 ways to heal a Severe Neck Pain

After a detailed discussion with some of the best spinal health specialists, here we go again with top 7 ways to heal a severe neck pain. Basically in the neck area there is a huge coordination of nerves, bones, joints, and different types of muscles directed by the brain and the spinal cord. The main function of this area is to maintain strength and stability among all the nerves. Usually there are so many reasons that cause pain in the neck. There could also be a stiff pain in shoulders, head as well as arms when there is an irritation along the nerve pathways. This is even worst situation and you won’t be able to feel yourself comfortable at all.

Most of the times neck pain will go away in just couple of days or sometimes it took few weeks to be completely got rid of. But just in case, it is still there for over a month or so this is dangerous and you will probably need to visit a physiotherapist as soon as possible. So let’s discuss these unique techniques in order to manage this chronic neck pain. You need to keep a very important point in mind that before you start any kind of therapy, you should always talk to your physiotherapist first.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Water is always important element for discs between vertebrae in your spine in order to maintain discs height and alignment of spinal just to release some pressure from spine. It has been observed that when a new baby is born each individual spinal disc consist of 80% of water. Then as we grow along this ratio may decrease and the actual disc may deteriorate as well. So we really need to build some strong hydration habits on daily bases. This is what that can help these discs to maintain its health for a longer period of time and ultimately we can reduce the severe neck pain.

Reduce the use of cell phone

Sometimes you are not even aware of the fact that you are actually exasperating your neck by cradling your mobile phone into your neck while you are driving and talking at the same time. This may put some unnecessary stress on your cervical spine. On top of that some people are using their cell phone texting all the time while looking down on the cell phone’s screen which may also the main reason of severe neck pain. So in order to avoid such habits one has to use Bluetooth or hands-free for making calls. And on the other hand if you are texting for a longer period of time you really need to hold your cell phone high up in order to decrease the angle at which your neck is. Another important trick not to stress your neck while using your phone could be frequent breaks.

Regular Swimming

Some of the top rated spinal health specialists have a firm belief in swimming because it can really help reducing the inflammation, it can provide quicker relief to the neck pain as well as easing down the muscles stiffness as well. You just need to make sure the following things while swimming in order to get better results:

  • The water level should be up to the neck and then keep moving around.
  • You probably need to squat until your chin is in water level then move back and forth.
  • Usually warmer swimming pools have been used for inflammation & muscles stiffness.   
  • You should also consult with your health professional for more recommendations.

Remember, who found swimming too difficult to continuo on regular bases then in such case those people can use water therapy as a gentle exercise and they can perform in warm water pools.

See a Health Professional

It is always good to go for a proper physical therapy treatment especially when you are in neck pain for over a week or so. Because sometimes you took it easy and due to your busy schedule you ignored it, but seriously you are in deep trouble. So the best move is to visit your health professional consult it in detail and go for a physical therapy. This can also help you identifying the basic reasons of this kind of chronic neck pain and you will be able to learn that how is it possible to reduce the chances of facing such pain in future. On top of all that with the help of proper physical therapy exercises you can easily strengthen those weak areas of your neck which are causing stiffness again and again.

Use a chair that supports your neck

If you want to control neck pain then it is always very important for you to maintain a proper body posture. So if you think that due to a busy routine at office you are suffering such kind of neck stiffness then probably you need to use a proper office chair that can support your neck all the time. Spinal health professionals always suggests that if you are suffering from a neck pain then you should use a headrest even you are in a car.

Use of Magnesium Diet

Usually a severe neck pain is a result of muscle stiffness and strain. So when you are suffering such chronic neck pain you will probably need to start using magnesium diets which can help relaxing your neck muscles to a great deal. Magnesium contains in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains so you should consult it with your health professional about the recommended amount of magnesium on daily bases. These days magnesium oil is available in the market which can be used directly on your skin after taking a hot water shower. But again before you use any supplement or magnesium oil you should talk to your health professional first.

Water Pillow

In recent past instead of using traditional pillows, water pillows have been used by those who are suffering from such chronic neck pain. The best part of these pillows is to increase the amount of water if you are comfortable enough with more firmness and you can also reduce the amount of water if you are good at using soft pillows.

We hope these unique techniques can work really well in order to get relief from neck pain. If you have any other preferred technique you are always welcome to leave us a comment.

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