Will EmDrive thruster change in space travel

According to researches, EmDrive is the device which can produce thrust by bouncing microwaves inside a closed chamber and does not need any fuel. Microwaves are the electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies. NASA has been testing the working of Em Drive since past few years, and it is reported that some European countries (The claim by Germany)  have already built the device despite all the conspiracy theories…Earlier it was a hypothetical device that would be used in space travel, but there would be no fuel required for it. This idea was believed as a mere fantasy because how is it logically possible to travel in space without fuel?? After 2016, some advances from NASA came to support the theory that it is actually possible to go in space by utilizing electromagnetic waves in the device.  “will EmDrive change in space travel”? has no ideal prospects as it is still an enigma. However, some actual dimensions are discussed in the light of researches:

  1. The functioning of Em Drive:

Em drive functions with the use of em waves generated in a chamber, and it does not require fuel. However, the actual existence of such a device is oscillating between the fact or fantasy. The possibility of such a phenomenon will be a game changer in the avenues of Physics. It will counter Newton’s laws of motions and may also challenge the principles of Einstein.

  1. No fuel zone?

It is being questioned that in the future is space turning to be a no-fuel zone? If the researches are advanced, then scientists will be able to save billions of dollars which are expensed as fuel. The space trip will be so “economical” without fuel. Maybe then, NASA offers people more excursions to space at affordable rates. Imagine the exploration of space is so easy-going and cheap.

  1. Swot analysis

The so-called “impossible” engine drive is expected to have opportunities and threats simultaneously. The weaknesses are far more logical because answering to the question, “will Em drive thruster change in space travel?” the critics think that engine’s test was not very conducive because em drive thruster will change once it escapes the magnetic field of the earth. The goof idea of believing such “possibilities” is just a wastage of time.

“will EmDrive change in space travel”? lets burst the bubble of thought..!

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